Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Address the unique needs of families that have children with serious medical diagnoses and conditions
2. Encourage parent personal awareness
3 consejo seite web. Teach parenting attitudes, knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors
4. Improve family health, viability, engagement, and interaction
5. Network and connect parents with children with serious medical diagnoses and conditions with each other
6. Improve parent-child-clinical/treatment team relationship
7. Positively impact child medical outcomes

EEMpact Parenting programs may be categorized as a psycho-social interventions that will impact
• Mental health
• Parent training
• Family/relationships
• Social functioning
• Medical outcome seite webs

EEMpact Parenting programs are typically hosted by hospitals, care centers, institutions, or disease advocacy groups. The programs take place in-person in a conference or meeting room at a hotel, clinic or hospital norsk-apotek.com.

Adult parents that have children or teens that have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

The EEMpact Parenting programs have been in the bleeding disorder community since 1996. In 2019, programs were initiated in the autism community. In 2020, programs will be done with other communities like pediatric cancer, Type 1 diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and others.

Yes. Programs have been conducted in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Hungary, India, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Panama, Venezuela, and, of course, the United States.

• 10-module program for parents
• 14 hours of content that is delivered over a 2.5-day retreat or in multiple sessions over multiple weeks
• Small group setting; no more than 15 attendees
• 1:8 facilitator: participant ratio
• Format includes teaching, participant discussion, individual and group exercises, and role-playing
• Program content and information is delivered via slides and videos
• All participants have their own program workbook norsk-apotek.com farmacie-romania.coms

  • Trained facilitators are typically credentialled professionals involved in education, social services, or health services
  • Parents of children with serious medical diagnoses and conditions that have attended a program may be invited to be trained; they are only able to conduct programs in conjunction with credentialled professionals
  • EEMinds has a US National Team and a global team of facilitators that it deploys for programs sponsored by institutions and organizations consejo

Institutions may also work with EEMinds to develop their own local team of trained facilitators for their own programs

Persons interested in becoming an EEMpact Parenting facilitator need to take:

• Basic Training: 10-week online training program via the EEMinds Academy; participants must pass a test for each module prior to being able to advance to the next module
• Advanced Training: In-person 2.5-day immersive training progra norsk-apotek.com farmacie-romania.comm

Congratulations and thank you for being a trained EEMpact Parenting Facilitator!

So that you may order your program materials, please register your upcoming EEMpact Parenting program via this registration link.

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