Goals and Purpose

Our ultimate goal is to help parents be parents, and kids be kids, in spite of their special need or medical challenges.

It’s a big job. Parents of children with serious diseases like hemophilia, cancer, epilepsy, or autism often feel completely overwhelmed by the daily demands and difficult decisions they often face as parents. It can make the normal, everyday duties of parenthood even harder to accomplish—duties such as establishing boundaries, supporting your child through the demands of school and peer-relationships, and offering consistent discipline.

Our programming helps families through the whole of their parenting experience, helping them deal with their child’s unique medical demands, while maintaining a normal, healthy parenting environment in their home.

We aim to:

    • Teach parents the ins and outs of dealing with their child’s medical condition, working in tandem with local medical providers and support groups.
    • Help parents learn coping skills to deal with the unique social and emotional issues their families face.
    • Create networks of parents who can support each other through their parenting journey.
    • Build up the confidence and skills of parents, so they can in turn use those skills to empower their children to become independent, capable, confident and productive adults.


Many thanks to our India-based affiliate partner, Empowering Minds, for producing this video and testimonial about the PEP program!