Our History

Energizing and Empowering Minds (EEMinds) is a 501-c-3 founded in 2016. Our focus is to bring evidence-based educational programming to families that have children with serious medical conditions. We help parents address their own needs as parents, and learn the coping skills to navigate the unique challenges their families face.

Our foundational program, Parents Empowering Parents (PEP), was developed more than 20 years ago on the idea that parents of children with chronic health conditions have special needs of their own.

At the time, there were no resources or parenting groups or books to help parents who received difficult, often devastating medical diagnoses for their children. These parents were often swamped with the medical details of keeping their child current in treatment and safe from accidents and harm. And there were the other challenges too—the guilt of having unwittingly passed on a genetic disorder to their children, and the difficulty of handling parenthood’s daily demands when your child is medically fragile. Launched in 1996, PEP combined classroom learning with parent networking to meet parents where they were.

EEMinds has a network of certified facilitators across the globe. To request a PEP program in your area, send an email to info@eeminds.org

EEMinds continuously improves our programs and materials. Stay tuned for more, as we begin to offer our programming online, as well.

Great things are in store as we continue to carry on our mission to help parents around the world.