Our Team

Danna Merritt

(Founder and Executive Director)

Danna is a licensed clinical social worker with over four decades of experience working with families that have children with serious medical conditions. She founded the Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) program, now known as EEMpact Parenting, over twenty years ago and launched the Energizing and Empowering Minds non-profit in 2016 to continue to ensure that parents have access to the support that they need. Danna retired from Children's Hospital of Michigan and lives in Noblesville,…

Regina Aguirre

(Parent, National Facilitator Team)

Regina lives with her husband and two children in El Lago, Texas.  She is a paraprofessional in a Special Education classroom for 3rd and 5th grades and is a trained specialist in behavior for students with Autism and Specific Learning Disabilities consejo. Regina is a symptomatic carrier of the Hemophilia gene.  Her son has severe hemophilia and her daughter is a carrier of the Hemophilia gene.  She has been involved in the Hemophilia community for over…

Ruben Aguirre

(Parent, National Facilitator Team)

Ruben lives in El Lago TX with his wife and two children.  His son has Severe Hemophilia A, and his daughter is a carrier for Hemophilia.  He is a Special Education Teacher for grades K-5. Ruben has been involved with the PEP/EEMpact Parenting program for 19 years consejo. As a parent with a child with Hemophilia, this program has given him numerous tools to help him raise productive individuals with both of his children.  It…

Mina Driver-Nguyen, PhD

(Psychologist, National Facilitator Team)

Dr. Nguyen-Driver is a licensed psychologist and has been practicing for over 18 years. She currently works at the Oregon Health & Science University in the Hemophilia Center as the child and family psychologist. Dr. Nguyen-Driver consults, diagnoses, case manages, and treats psychological and psychosocial issues that results from living with a bleeding disorder. In addition, she has been part of the PEP/EEMpact Parenting program for the past 8 years. Most notably, Dr. Nguyen-Driver spearheaded…

Brian Duffourc

(Parent, National Facilitator Team)

Brian is a dedicated husband and father of 6 children ages 2-12. Brian and his family live in Metro Detroit, Michigan. When not at his day job as a Web Developer, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music, watching movies, and spending time outdoors. Brian’s oldest child was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, known as VonWillebrand disease, at age 1 seite web. After learning of his child’s diagnosis, Brian and his wife…

Jess Duffourc

(Parent, National Facilitator Team)

Jess is a dedicated wife and energized mother of 6 children ages 2-12, including twin girls. She lives in Metro Detroit, Michigan consejo.  She's a busy stay at mom and loves every minute of it. She loves listening to music and watching movies.  Jess' oldest child was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder known as von Willebrand disease, at age 1. After learning of her son's diagnosis, Jess and her husband wanted to understand all they…

Lupe Torres

(Parent, National Facilitator Team)

Lupe is married and has three children. Her daughter has VWD type I severe and Factor V Leiden and her youngest son has Factor V Leiden and Hiperfribrinolysis. Lupe lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and currently works for Clark County School District as a Bilingual Interpreter. During her free time, she enjoys going hiking with her family, reading books, and watching movies and spending quality time with her family. Lupe has been involved with the…


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