Jess Duffourc

(Parent, National Team)

Jess is a dedicated wife and energized mother of 6 children ages 2-12, including twin girls. She lives in Metro Detroit, Michigan.  She’s a busy stay at mom and loves every minute of it. She loves listening to music and watching movies.

Jess’ oldest child was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder known as von Willebrand disease, at age 1. After learning of her son’s diagnosis, Jess and her husband wanted to understand all they could about his bleeding disorder, what it would mean for his future, and how it would affect them as parents. Part of that learning process led them to attending their first PEP/Empact Parenting program in 2008. Inspired by what they learned as participants, they decided to become trained PEP facilitators. Jess has facilitated multiple Empact Parenting programs in her local community and several throughout the United States. She loves meeting other parents, getting to know them and giving them all the support and knowledge that she can.