Lupe Torres

(Parent, National Team)

Lupe is married and has three children. Her daughter has VWD type I severe and Factor V Leiden and her youngest son has Factor V Leiden and Hiperfribrinolysis. Lupe lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and currently works for Clark County School District as a Bilingual Interpreter. During her free time, she enjoys going hiking with her family, reading books, and watching movies and spending quality time with her family. Lupe has been involved with the hemophilia community for about 10 years. She started as a volunteer with her local chapter, and now is the Vice President of her local chapter board. Lupe also volunteers with National Hemophilia Foundation as a member of the Cultural Guides and travels around the United States facilitating workshops.  Lupe and her husband attended a PEP/Empact Parenting program in 2014. After taking the program, Lupe and her husband started using many of the Empact Parenting tools they had learned during the program. Lupe fell in love with the program and decided to take the Train the Trainer program to become an Empact Parenting facilitator.