EEMinds conducts programs all over the world. Program formats include facilitated teaching and discussions, individual and group exercises, and role-playing. Content is delivered electronically or in-person via electronic slides and video media.

Our most popular programs:

Living Beyond the Diagnosis

Living Beyond the Diagnosis Series provides educational content for families with children that have special needs or serious medical conditions.

Topics include things like:

  • Money Management
  • Parent Stories and Perspectives
  • Advocating for Your Child in Medical and Educational Settings
  • Medication Processes and Programs
  • Self-Care


EEMPACT PARENTING of Infants and Young Children (IYC)

IYC is an established outcomes-based, well-known and respected program that helps families cope with the medical, social and familial challenges of having a child with a chronic, serious medical condition. IYC helps parents learn skills to create the healthy boundaries, discipline and growth opportunities children need to become independent, self-confident, productive, and ultimately, empowered adults.


EEMPACT PARENTING of Teens and Young Adults (TYA)

Children with chronic medical conditions spend their childhood being taken care of by others. But when they begin transitioning to adulthood during their teens, they must learn to take care of themselves, and advocate for themselves. The TYA program has been developed with that goal in mind, helping parents learn how to support their teen through this tricky time, and teach the psycho-social skills their child needs to take ownership of their choices, treatment and wellbeing.


EEMinds has an online Academy to train clinicians – social workers, counselors, nurses, etc. – and peer parents to become facilitators of the programs.  Only persons that have completed the training programs are qualified to host and do EEMpact Parenting programs.


EEMinds also contracts with institutions and organizations to conduct trainings and programs for their staff, parents, and families. If you are interested in scheduling your own local trainings or programs, please contact us at


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