Request a PEP

Few things are more overwhelming to a family than getting a devastating medical diagnosis for a child. PEP programs can help families feel less alone, and give them the medical knowledge and parenting tools they need to face these difficulties, together.

So how can you get a PEP program started in your area?

PEP programs are done for groups. So they must be sponsored by a local treatment center (such as the hemophilia treatment centers (HTC), local hospitals, large physician practices or a disease state support group chapter.

Groups that request a PEP must be willing to:

• Assign a professional staff member who works with the PEP administrators, EEMinds

• Submit a full PEP request on our website

• Provide a location and food for the PEP programming

• Allow PEP trainers to teach the program with the possibility of you or your team co-facilitating and co-teaching

• Work with our staff to help ensure the proper amount of invitations and pre-event marketing occur to get a sufficient number of participants.

• Provide documentation that they are a recognized organization or institution that works with patients with the applicable disease state

For more information, contact our home office to speak with one of our program organizers. You can reach us at

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