EEMinds has an online training Academy for professionals – social workers, counselors, nurses, teachers, etc. – and peer parents to access educational content and structured trainings to become facilitators of the programs. 


EEMpact Parenting Training

EEMpact Parenting is a proprietary programing format with proven tools and materials. Typical courses take place over a 12-week timeframe; a new module is released each week

To increase accessibility and learning immersion, the course includes hard-copy materials in combination with online training videos and exercises. There will be live Facebook sessions with the Program Founder, Danna Merritt, scheduled to review course content, answer questions, and receive coaching.

Participants will need to pass the test at the end of each module with a score of at least 80% to progress from one module to the next. At the completion of all of the modules, a participant will receive their certificate that they are trained and certified to host their own EEMpact Parenting programs. Facilitators must register their programs with EEMinds to purchase materials.

Course Outline

Pre-work: Expectations and how to succeed with this course
Module 1: EEMPact Parenting Program Welcome and Getting Started
Module 2: Understanding Your Parenting Style
Module 3: Childhood/Teen Development
Module 4: Learning Why Your Teen Misbehaves
Module 5: Connecting With Your Emotions and Feelings/My Story
Module 6: Learning About Your Self-Esteem
Module 7: Topics Unplugged
Module 8: Tackling Your Problems and Issues
Module 9: Improving Your Communication Skills
Module 10: Building Your 5-Point Plan

Students are also given bonus materials and templates to help them plan, organize, and prepare for their EEMpact programs. 

Only persons that have completed the training programs are qualified to host and do EEMpact Parenting programs.



EEMinds will also contract with institutions and organizations to conduct trainings and programs for their staff, parents, and families. If you are interested in scheduling programs, please contact us at