About EEMinds

Energizing and Empowering Minds (EEMinds) is a 501-c-3 organization founded in 2016. We serve families with children with serious medical condition. We provide evidence-based programming that has been custom designed to help families learn about parenting techniques that are unique for their circumstances. Even though EEMinds is a relatively new organization, our programs have been running for over 21 years and have served over 3,000 parents and healthcare/medical professionals across the USA and the globe.

How have we been able to do it?

We partner with local treatment centers, hospitals, and parent support groups. Over the years, we’ve worked in partnership with Hemophilia Treatment Centers and other support centers to bring in our specialized PEP programs. Our facilitators are trained counselors, nurses and parents of children with bleeding disorders or other conditions. Together, they teach other parents how to handle the unique issues that come with having a child with a serious, chronic disease.

We offer a relevant, evidence-based parenting program. The PEP program is a proven parenting system that works, and works specifically for families with medical challenges. Having stood up to peer-review and study, PEP has years of successes to fall back on, and a national network of parents who can say, “this worked for me.”

We customize the programs to the needs of the area. PEP programs have been translated into 8 languages, and are offered in tandem with parent support groups.

We connect parents with other parents. Long after our parents have graduated through training, PEP creates a platform for parents to get to know other parents who are facing the same kinds of medical challenges in their families. Families in our parent network support each other through every growing-up phase and medical emergency, with perspectives from parents who are farther along in their journey helping parents who are new to their situation.